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BridgeCare Specialists

Primary Care Plus is accepting new patients throughout the Midwest! 

Virtual Medical Clinic & Services

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Active States : Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin

Coming Soon: Texas, Minnesota, Florida, West Virginia



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Low-Cost Plans for Small Businesses



Med Clubs is a grassroots think-tank and service provider team, leveraging real-world healthcare experience and advanced technology to support R&D for innovative, and cost-effective solutions. Through the utilization of artificial intelligence, early access to nationwide health record interoperability, and adopting a proven clinical approach, Med Clubs endeavors to realize several significant objectives. These objectives include the reduction of healthcare expenditures, the enhancement of patient results, and ultimately, the improvement of the overall quality of healthcare. 

As the demand for integrated care solutions rises, driven by provider scarcity, rising costs, and reimbursement transformation through Value-Based Care (VBC) taking the lead, we believe there will be many teams striving to enhance patient care. A shift from traditional fee-for-service to outcome-based payment models continues to require improved collaboration and coordination among healthcare stakeholders. Med Clubs, PLLC, serving as the parent company of BridgeCare, maintains an ongoing commitment to actively seek collaborative partners in technology, business, and synergistic areas of healthcare to further drive innovation and its scalability. 

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