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Virtual Primary Care and Mental Health

Primary Care Plus


Available to Patients Graduating from
BridgeCare's Discharge Clinic

Virtual Primary & Mental Health Care

Welcome to PrimaryCarePlus (PCPlus), our innovative continuation program designed for patients transitioning from BridgeCare's Virtual Discharge Clinic. At BridgeCare, we recognize the critical need for sustained care beyond the intensive 60-day period following discharge. We're also mindful of the considerable delays often encountered when trying to find a primary care provider (PCP). PCPlus represents our commitment to bridging this gap, ensuring that patients maintain access to vital services, including medication management, laboratory tests, and crucial follow-up appointments. Our program is tailored to offer extended support to eligible patients as they navigate the interim before securing a PCP.

In the meantime, PCPlus provides an uninterrupted extension of the care and dedication patients have grown to trust. This includes bespoke health tracking, a dedicated team for your care needs, and personalized wellness plans aimed at promoting optimal health from the comfort of home. Our priority with PCPlus is to safeguard the health and well-being of our patients, facilitating a seamless and supported progression back into daily life, equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for sustained health achievements.



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