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Eligibility: Discharge Clinic

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BridgeCare's "Discharge Clinic" accepts the majority of insurances including Advantage Plans. 

1. Is the discharge clinic the right choice for your patient?

The goal of the "Discharge Clinic" is to assist patients for up to 60 days in their recovery after discharge from the hospital or rehabilitation center.

Our services typically add value  for the following patients:

• A patient without a primary care physician.
• A patient with a primary care physician who cannot see their primary care provider within the first two weeks of 
coming home.
• A patient specifically requesting BridgeCare discharge services.


A patient will likely not need or benefit from "Discharge Clinic" services if they have a doctor willing to offer a visit within the first 14 days, authorize home care orders, refill medications, and manage their medical needs from the moment of discharge.

2. What about insurance coverage?

 All BridgeCare's services are eligible for insurance coverage if the following criteria are satisfied:

Video Appointment

Insurances require the first visit to be a face-to-face appointment.  All BridgeCare visits are done via secure video conferencing.   This can be done using a patient's or caregiver's cell phone, tablet, or computer. 

Appointment Time Frame

The patient must complete their first visit within the first thirteen calendar days of discharge.  Once a referral is sent and accepted, we typically aim to complete the first visit within 24-48 hours. 

Insurance Type

Once a referral is received, we will verify a patient’s insurance is active within a few hours. 


Bridgecare is in network with the vast majority of insurances including:

  • Medicare (including Advantage Plans)

  • Medicaid (Meridian, Mclaren, Straight)

  • Private/Commercial Insurance (BCBS, Aetna, United HealthCare)

In the event that a patient lacks health insurance coverage, call our office to discuss bundled discount pricing. 

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