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Our Mission

BridgeCare Specialists: Harnessing Technology to Transform Access to Care

BridgeCare Specialists, led with a mission to leverage cutting-edge technology as a powerful tool to address the access challenges prevalent in healthcare today. We are dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that bridge the gaps in healthcare delivery, ensuring that quality care is within reach for all. Our commitment lies in creating a future where technology catalyzes equitable and accessible healthcare, empowering individuals to lead healthier, happier lives.

Meet the Team

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Dr. Hershey has a decade of experience working as a hospitalist, outpatient clinician, health manager, and program builder.

Medical Director/Founder

Dr. Harshini "Hershey" Jayasuriya, MD

Dr. Hershey completed her undergraduate education at the University of Michigan, earning a dual degree in Biology and Women's Studies. Following that, she graduated from Michigan State College of Human Medicine in 2011 and received early admission into MSU's Family Medicine Residency Program. In 2018, she completed her AAFP fellowship. Over the past decade, she has served as medical director in various medical domains, including hospital medicine, outpatient care, rural health, PACE, hospice, and public health.
Throughout her career, Dr. Hershey has been designing and implementing programs aimed at enhancing patient outcomes in both hospital and outpatient settings. Notably in 2020, she and her team developed a patent-pending discharge program that has achieved triple aim results. By utilizing a virtual platform, this program has now been able to reach patients across the Midwest. Dr. Hershey now also leverages her expertise to provide training and assistance to other teams interested in establishing their discharge programs.

Dr. Hershey currently sits on the board of the Michigan Academy of Family Physicians and the MHA Physician Leaders Council. She has won many awards and accolades for her work in health literacy, technology, and innovation. 


Dr. Chris Chiou, MD
Health Literacy Content Creator 

Dr. Chiou attended college at Harvard. He went on to medical school and completed his residency in Lansing, Michigan.  He currently works as a medical writer for numerous organizations.  His works have been featured in The Lansing State Journal and the American Academy of Family Physicians journal.  

Alisha Jackson photo_edited.jpg

Alisha Jackson, NP-C
Family Nurse Practitioner

Alisha is a graduate of 

University of Michigan and Georgetown University, excelling in her Masters program as a top student. She is a Detroit Native, with a passion in providing patient and family-centered care to optimize health related outcomes.


Nicole Pearson, NP-C
 Family Nurse Practitioner

Nicole has a decade of experience in acute care cardiology, surgical ICU, outpatient case management, and most recently as a nurse practitioner providing urgent care. She has dedicated her career to providing excellent patient care and improving patient outcomes.


Dr. Charles Kelechi, MD
Clinical Quality Manager

Charles graduated with his medical degree ((MD) in 2021 with both inpatient and outpatient experince. He is excited to work with an emerging tech health company. He assists with every patient chart, ensuring it meets the highest quality and US medical  standards. 

DALL·E 2023-07-11 18_edited.jpg

Kate Thorn
Office Assistant

Kate graduated from Oakland Univeristy with a degree in English Literature and minor in Business Management. She loves talking to patients and learning more about healthcare. She enjoys being very organized and sticky notes.


Dr. Jeffrey Ackerman, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacist

Jeffrey graduated from the Ferris State University College of Pharmacy  in 2014. He completed a year-long residency in community pharmacy. With LTAC and critical access experience,  he currently serves as the Director of Pharmacy for Mclaren (Lansing).


Morgan Messing
Marketing Consultant


Morgan graduated with dual degrees in Human Biology and Studio Art/Graphic Design from Michigan State University. She considers herself a Professional Generalist  and uses those skills to push BridgeCare's marketing forward.

Arsalan photo_edited.jpg

Ali Raza
Intake Manager

Ali is a student at Dow University of Health and Sciences. He has demonstrated his leadership skills by organizing group projects, leading study groups, and volunteering in his community. He is committed to making a positive impact in the world and believes in the mission of  BridgeCare. He wants to help people recover faster and safer.  

Flowers in Glass Jar

John Gagliardi, MBA
Financial Manager

John graduated from University of Michigan with a masters in business management. He enjoys working with promising start up companies and helping them  thrive. He lives in  Michgian with his wife.

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Marketing Manager

Currently Seeking


Adam Rump
Software Developer

Adam has a masters in computer science and engineering. He is also Dr. Hershey's husband. He is helping BridgeCare advance in new software including HIPPA protected phone applications. 

Regina SLowey.jpg

Regina Slowey, JD
 Risk Consultant

Graduating from University of Michigan Law school in 1999, Regina has two decades of litigation experience. She has been a member of the Michigan, Ohio, and California bar association. 

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