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Virtual Discharge Clinic 

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Creating Seamless Bridges
between Hospitals and Primary Care.

BridgeCare's virtual discharge clinic delivers essential physician services promptly for patients moving from inpatient to outpatient care. We do this by

  • Minimizing Complications,

  • Enhancing Recovery Outcomes, and

  • Boosting Patient Satisfaction. 



BridgeCare's Outcomes




All cause
Re-admission Rate


Access to Full Records
by First Visit

< 20 hours

Time from Referral to
First Possible Visit

"happy someone was there to fix my medications at the pharmacy"

" to get my IV antibiotics at home"


"(BridgeCare) stayed on till I found a doctor in my area"


"helped me get homecare sooner than if I had to wait to see my own doctor."

Our overnight team handles insurance verification, chart preparation, and the integration of discharge history into the patient's chart, all before the provider's first encounter with the patient. This process ensures we are fully prepared and ready for a visit shortly after the patient's forms are submitted.

Working in collaboration with community partners, caretakers, and home health nurses who reached out to us with high acuity needs, we were able to quickly provided treatment options, antibiotics, referrals, and more, ensuring immediate care. 

With portal access to two of the three national databases, we can instantly access patient records in real-time, eliminating the need to wait for notes to be faxed.  

Outcome & Results

BridgeCare's Discharge Services

Exceptional Quality, Prompt Delivery
​Unique Services Due to Timeliness or Scarcity*

Discharge Services

Approve Same-day Nursing & Therapy Services

Medication refills, adjustments,
and corrections 

Home IV Antibiotic Managment

Start and Manage Mental Health Medication

Wound Management Recommendations for new and chornic wounds

Timely Complete FMLA or other needed health documentation 

Immediate solutions to acuity based needs
and side effects requiring a prescriber

Order labs, imaging, and DME at nearby facilities

Send urgent or missed referrals to specialists 

Coordiate and clarify care with prior and exisiting careteam

Access to Multiple Up-to-date Clincal platforms to provide cutting edge and new information 

Thoroughly discuss Advance Life Planning Options

Provide Timely Health and System Literacy/Education

Connect to unique evidence-based resources and programs locally and nationally

Virtual connections enable family conferencing with busy or out of state caregivers.

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Quadruple  Aim


Improving outcomes, one bridge at a time.
Insurance Covered Services   I   No Extra Costs or Fees   I    Tested and Proven Process   


BridgeCar Difference

BridgeCare Difference




  • Comprehensive Care Gap Bridging:


  • Specializes in crafting unique solutions to cover the entire care continuum, ensuring patients and caregivers have direct access to physicians.

  • Direct Physician Contact:


  • Offers immediate communication with doctors, emphasizing personalized and accessible care.

  • Reducing Readmissions: Proactively tackles issues leading to hospital returns, including rapid initiation of necessary face-to-face services.

  • Discharge Care Innovation:

  • Employs a honed, flexible, and inventive strategy in discharge care, enhancing patient outcomes and quality of care. The success of this approach boosts insurance reimbursement rates, underpinning our clinic's model and facilitating growth.



  • Immediate Acutity Based Response:


  • Swiftly addresses urgent patient needs, such as same-day antibiotic dispatch for suspected UTIs and rapid wound assessment, minimizing readmission risks and improving satisfaction.

  • Independence and Flexibility:


  • As an independent group, we freely partner with diverse services beneficial to patients, free from the constraints of hospital systems or specific locales. Our ability to conduct thorough appointments, sometimes lasting an hour, and to tap into the best community resources on a national level ensures highly personalized care.



  • Sustainability and Financial Viability


  • Our care model enhances patient outcomes and by improving care quality, we secure better insurance reimbursements, bolstering our financial stability and supporting expansion. Our independence and adaptability also allow us to meet diverse patient needs,.

  • .

Pioneering Achievements

Pioneering Achievements in Patient Care

How we make it work


Rapid Appointment Scheduling 

Revolutionizing patient care, we offer next-day appointments, vastly outperforming the standard industry wait of three weeks or more. This remarkable achievement is made possible through our specialized overnight team's diligent preparation and record analysis, ensuring that our day team is ready to provide immediate, effective care. Our efficient insurance verification further streamlines the process, setting a new benchmark for rapid patient transition to care.


Innovative Home Health Collaborations

Our groundbreaking partnership with homecare services enables the instant initiation of home nursing and therapy, dramatically reducing start times for critical post-discharge care. This collaboration not only accelerates the delivery of essential services but also ensures comprehensive support for our patients. Through mutual assistance in facilitating video visits and securing consents, we’ve set a new standard in seamless care integration, significantly speeding up recovery processes.


Exclusive Access to National Databases:

By forging a strategic alliance with Metriport, a California-based innovator, we’ve secured unparalleled access to vital national health databases—a privilege few in the healthcare sector can claim. This exclusive access allows us to obtain patient records almost instantly after consent, transforming our ability to provide informed, personalized care. For the first time, patients can engage directly with their health reports during consultations, fostering a deeper understanding of their condition and treatment plan. This direct, informed interaction is not just a gamechanger but a cornerstone in driving patient engagement and adherence to treatment protocols.

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