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Welcome to Bridgecare

Michigan's Post-Hospital Discharge Clinic

BridgeCare is a specialty clinic that offers
60 days of post-discharge care. We bridge gaps created by delayed hospital follow-ups.

BridgeCare offers statewide medical services to jumpstart outpatient services early and reduce unnecessary re-hospitalizations and complications.

Reduce complications.  Reduce cost.
Physician care when it's needed most.

Services are covered by all insurances.

Based on 2021 data

BridgeCare 30-day re-admission rate < 2%

Referral to Recovery

As an independent group, BridgeCare works with all Michigan hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home care companies.

Send us a referral as a patient is being discharged and we will take care of the rest. 

BridgeCare Process


Our Services Make a Difference

BridgeCare is an independent clinic. Being so, we can work with any hospital system, home care agency, or rehabilitation facility.


To use our services, all a patient needs is a referral before they are discharged home- and it only takes a few minutes to send one.

We make it simple to refer patients.

refer a patient.png

Our Success Stories

December 2021

Bridgecare Specialist has been a life saver! I moved during Covid and did not have a primary doctor. I broke multiple bones from a fall and spent many days in the hospital and rehabilitation center. I could not care for myself yet and needed a primary doctor for prescriptions, therapist, and documents to my HR Department. Dr. Hershey (Dr. Harshini "Hershey" Jayasuriya, MD) became my temporary primary doctor. She has gone above and beyond to assist me during this process! I wish she could be my primary doctor always. I do highly recommend Bridgecare Specialist snd Dr. Hershey as they did help put my broken life back together.

(from Google Reviews)

Contact BridgeCare Specialists

Office: 517-258-0344

Fax: 517-879-0374

Mailing Address

  • 120 N. Washington Ave. Suite 300, Lansing MI 48933

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