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* Services unique to BridgeCare

BridgeCare's Discharge Clinic offers immediate and acuity-based care when it's needed most. 
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Why choose Bridgecare?

... for the BridgeCare Difference

We lead with a


Say goodbye to the endless task of filling out numerous health history forms. Our overnight team works diligently to ensure your chart is ready with your medical records for even a next-day appointment! We strive to arrive at your first visit fully prepared. This is made possible through our alliances with Med Tech companies, which allow us to compile your patient chart from previous health records in national databases, a level of connectivity that most hospitals don't even possess.

We come prepared to all your visits

We encourage
family and caregivers
to join our visits.


Hospital and clinic expertise for
Hosptial at Home Services

At Bridgecare, we stand out because our providers have expertise in both hospital medicine and outpatient clinic care. This dual experience allows us to understand the full spectrum of possibilities from each perspective, ensuring we can optimize your care plan once you're home. We leverage resources from various sectors to aid in your recovery, a unique approach incorporating services such as ordering Home IV antibiotics and providing home-based psychiatric management.


We offer cutting-edge
and up-to-date
resources and

We specialize in managing both acute and chronic health conditions, utilizing many resources to offer you the most up-to-date treatment options. Bridgecare serves as a comprehensive hub, providing access to local, state, and national services, making us your one-stop destination for healthcare needs. We also serve as your insider resource to the best doctors, programs, and services. Therefore we can provide refills, referrals, options, and so much more.

Access to over 30 services in one visit

We have a
great reputation
among our partners
and patients!  


Face-to-Face care without the travel

Experience personalized healthcare right where you are, without the need for travel. At Bridgecare, we bring face-to-face, customized medical attention directly to you, ensuring comfort and convenience. Our approach eliminates the stress and time associated with traveling to medical facilities. Instead, you receive high-quality care in your own environment, tailored specifically to your needs. It's healthcare reimagined for ease and effectiveness, ensuring your well-being is always our top priority.

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