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Discharge Services
Temporary Primary Care

BridgeCare's Discharge Services offers temporary primary care
services for patients being discharged from an inpatient or observation status. 

BridgeCare's Discharge Team sees and follows patients for 30 days after discharge from the following locations: 

  • Inpatient acute care hospital

  • Inpatient psychiatric hospital

  • Inpatient Rehabilitation

  • Hospital Observation Units

Note: Patients discharged from the Emergency Room or Urgent Care are not eligible for discharge services through BridgeCare.


A broad range of services are offered to complement primary care and designed to ensure health care continuity, avoid preventable poor outcomes among at-risk populations, and promote the safe and timely transfer of patients. 


Nurse and Patient
BridgeCare's Discharge Services
  1. All-Inclusive Medical Care 

  2. Patient contact within the first two days of discharge.

  3. First follow-up visit guaranteed within 7 or 14 days of discharge.

  4. Obtain and review discharge information with patients and caregivers.

  5. Determine eligibility for home services and oversee its care. 

  6. Medication prescribing and management to avoid duplicity and confusion.

  7. Order tests, radiology, referrals, and treatments as medically needed.

  8. Educate the beneficiary, family member, or caregiver.

  9. Establish or re-establish with community providers and services, if necessary.

  10. Assist in scheduling follow-up visits with providers and services, if necessary.

  11. Manage IV home medication orders.

  12. Help patients, patient advocates, and health care systems prevent any avoidable 30-day readmission.



BridgeCare offers evening and weekend appointments in addition to home and virtual visits to improve patient contact.

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BridgeCare's typical post-hospital appointments last 60 minutes or more, face-to-face with a board-certified physician.


BridgeCare contacts and works with patient's insurance for additional resources and advocates for patient needs.

Patient and Nurse
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BridgeCare has established relationships with most Michigan homecares and work closely to supervise and adjust home care orders. 

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BridgeCare accepts all major insurances including commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare.


BridgeCare contacts and advocates for patient needs within the health system and beyond.