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Home Health Connect (partnership based program)

Home Health Connect helps Medicare patients
easily connect to homecare services. 

Home Health Connect provides the Doctor's "order" needed to receive certain services based on need.


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Home Health Connect" links Medicare patients in Michigan with vital homecare services, which are especially important for the elderly, disabled, and post-surgery or ill individuals. These services, like nursing care, therapy, and more, are delivered at home. "Home Health Connect" provides the necessary physician orders tailored to each person's health and needs.

Key Benefits and Points of "Home Health Connect" Program:

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  1. Accessibility: Our video visit (virtual) platform can make it easier for patients to have a qualifying physician visit to find and access the specific homecare services they need, eliminating the hassle of travel and searching for providers independently. This can be especially beneficial for those with cognitive impairments or for those who simply prefer the comfort of their own home.

  2. Coverage Information:  One of the major hurdles in the healthcare process is determining eligibility for certain services, especially when insurance or government programs like Medicare are involved. For Medicare patients, understanding what services are covered can be confusing. "Home Health Connect" provides clear information about coverage and costs can be invaluable.

  3. Ordering Services: By facilitating the ordering process, "Home Health Connect" ensures that patients get timely access to necessary home care services. This is crucial because delays in ordering and starting care can lead to poorer outcomes for patients.

  4. Cost-Effective: "Home Health Connect" care is covered by Medicare in the same manner as primary care visits. 

  5. Quality Control: Using quality scores, ratings, and a decade of patient reviews "Home Health Connect" vets or screens the homecare services we recommend. This provides an added layer of trust for patients and their families, ensuring that they receive care from qualified professionals. 

  6. Care Management: This is perhaps the most vital aspect. By managing the care provided by outside home care agencies, "Home Health Connect" ensures continuity of care. This can include tracking patient progress, ensuring quality of care, coordinating between different service providers, and addressing any concerns or complications that arise.

  7. Beneficial for Home Care Agencies: For great home care agencies, "Home Health Connect" can also be beneficial. We can provide them with a steady stream of referrals and reduce the amount of administrative work they might otherwise have to do in terms of eligibility and billing.

  8. Efficiency and Streamlining: For patients, the entire process from consultation to receiving care becomes more streamlined, efficient, and potentially more effective, as there is a centralized system managing and overseeing their care. By creating quality partnerships across the state, we make the administrative process easier and more efficient for our partners.  

  9. Support: Beyond just connecting patients to services, "Home Health Connect" offers support in terms of coordinating care, understanding payment and insurance processes, and providing other resources or educational materials.

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