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As home health staff, you can now offer qualifying patients a same-day video visit from home with a BridgeCare doctor. 



Follow the steps below to help facilitate a visit on your patient's behalf. 

  During this visit, you can expect to receive verbal orders to meet the patient's acute needs. Following the appointment, you or your agency can request a F2F report within 24-48 hours. BridgeCare will remain on board during the the next 60 day certification period to address any needs. 


Any home health staff member can assist their patient in completing a video visit with BridgeCare. This visit also serves as the F2F needed for home health certification.


1. The video visit with the patient must be within the first 14 days of discharge from a hospital or rehab. 

2. Help your patient login into BridgeCare's Virtual Clinic. This can be done using the patient's device or yours. 

If you do not have the link, text 517-258-1395 to be sent the secure link. 

3.  Expect a Visit lasting ~ 10-15 min

  • The provider will review a brief hospital course with you and discuss the need for home health support 

  • The provider will review medications, answer questions, and send refills 

  • The provider will provide verbal orders as needed and address any other needs

The provider will typically arrange a follow-up phone call to finish the visit with the patient. This will be done at a later time to prevent overlapping with home health visits. 

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