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Let BridgeCare serve as your discharge clinic. 

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BridgeCare has a readmission rate of 2% in 2021.
(national average for Medicare is 15-30%) *

* data from US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Many Michigan residents do not have a primary care doctor or need to make a distant clinic appointment before a doctor will agree to supervise. Often, this may be too late. The patient ends up back in the hospital or ER to have their needs met.


Discharge care can be the answer to decongest ERs and reduce avoidable hospital re-admissions. 

Building and running a brick-and-mortar discharge clinic can be quite costly with low ROIs. No-show rates and staffing are just some of the issues that complicate this patient population's care. 

By partnering with BridgeCare we take hiring, managing, and driving outcomes off your plate. 

Reduce your cost. Improve your outcomes. 

We have found that patients leaving an inpatient stay often do not wish to leave their homes to visit another medical facility.  Therefore, virtual care is perfect for this population. 

Our specialized care model is catered to your patient population and your community. We continuously update on resources available in the community and ensure we can provide the best resources to assist patients once they get home. We also work as a bridge between the busy inpatient and outpatient providers to make their lives easier. Our partnerships with home care, PACE programs, and visiting physicians are just some of the resources we can offer to patients to improve satisfaction and quality scores. 


With the ability for patients and family to join our calls or videos to review care plans and discuss next steps, we can discuss advance life planning along with code status in detail. All of this drives the outcomes delivered by BridgeCare's discharge clinic. 

BridgeCare patient satisfaction rate is 98%. 

Ways BridgeCare Can Help:


Supervising and Ordering Home Care

Wound Care

IV Antibiotic Management

Medication Prescribing & Refills

BridgeCare can work with any Michigan hospital or home care agency.

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Doctor and Patient

How We Make a Difference

BridgeCare's mission is to improve patients' quality of life and advocate for patients' unique needs when the leave a health care facility.  

BridgeCare's specific focus on patients during the discharge process helps patients stay healthy at home. They are less likely to be admitted or readmitted to the hospital unnecessarily.  Our patients have improved outcomes, satisfaction,  and quality of life. Our referring sites are thus able to dedicate more resources where they are needed most. The overall cost of care for the system is reduced while patient satisfaction is improved. Our visits and health education also go a long way in building trust and motivating improved health outcomes. 

BridgeCare services achieve improved outcomes that matter to patients and providers.

BridgeCare has a readmission rate of 2%.
(national average for Medicare is 15-30%) *

Our patient satisfaction rate is 98%. 

* data from US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


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BridgeCare embraces innovation and technology to drive patient experience and outcomes. Our care team is led by dedicated physicians trained in inpatient, outpatient, mental health, and motivational interviewing. BridgeCare's model is both adaptable and forward-thinking.  Our physicians focus on the quality of care over quantity with visits typically lasting an hour at a time.  By partnering with like-minded companies, BridgeCare delivers an unparalleled and unique service line to drive better health outcomes.

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