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Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) 

Post Acute Care/ Discharge Care

BridgeCare's Discharge Service offers 60 days of CHF management and orders in the patient's home. 

Home Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Management

BridgeCare Specialists of Michigan also offers CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) post-discharge care, which can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Monitoring of Symptoms: CHF symptoms can change rapidly, and regular follow-up care allows healthcare providers to monitor patients' symptoms and adjust their treatment plans accordingly. This can help prevent complications and improve outcomes.

  2. Medication Management: CHF patients often require multiple medications to manage their condition, and regular follow-up care can help ensure that patients are taking their medications correctly and that their medications are adjusted as needed to manage their symptoms

  3. Lifestyle Modifications: Lifestyle modifications, such as changes in diet and exercise, are often recommended for CHF patients. Regular follow-up care can help ensure that patients are making these changes and can provide guidance and support to help patients adhere to these recommendations

  4. Education and Support: CHF patients require education and support to manage their condition effectively. Regular follow-up care can provide patients with the education and support they need to understand their condition, manage their symptoms, and make necessary lifestyle modifications.

  5. Prevention of Complications: CHF patients are at increased risk of complications, such as heart attacks and strokes. Regular follow-up care can help identify these complications early when they are more easily managed and treated

  6. Continuity of care: After a patient is discharged from the hospital with CHF, it is crucial to ensure they continue receiving the necessary care to maintain their progress. BridgeCare Specialists of Michigan provides post-discharge care services that allow patients to receive the support they need to continue their recovery journey. Follow-up care is crucial for CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) patients because it can help ensure that they are receiving the necessary care to manage their condition and prevent complications.

  7. Expertise: BridgeCare Specialists of Michigan has a team of experienced healthcare providers who specialize in CHF post-discharge care. These specialists have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide patients with safe, effective, and personalized care that meets their unique needs.

  8. Improved Patient Outcomes: Post-discharge care can help improve patient outcomes by providing patients with individualized treatment plans, medication management, and monitoring of symptoms. This can help prevent complications, reduce hospital readmissions, and improve the overall quality of life for patients with CHF.

  9. Cost-Effective: CHF post-discharge care is often more cost-effective than hospital readmissions or prolonged hospital stays. This can reduce the financial burden for patients and families while ensuring that patients receive the necessary care to manage their condition.

  10. Comprehensive Care: BridgeCare Specialists of Michigan provides comprehensive care for patients with CHF, including medication management, dietary counseling, and regular check-ins with healthcare providers. This ensures that patients receive the best possible care while managing their condition.

Overall, CHF post-discharge care offered by BridgeCare Specialists of Michigan provides patients with personalized, expert care that can help improve their outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance their overall quality of life

 A broad range of services is offered to complement all other care and designed to ensure healthcare continuity, avoid preventable poor outcomes, and promote the safe and timely transfer of patients.


BridgeCare can accept referrals from the  following locations: ​

  • Inpatient acute care hospital

  • Inpatient psychiatric hospital

  • Inpatient Rehabilitation

  • Hospital Observation Units


Patients leaving the Emergency Room or Urgent care are not eligible for discharge services through BridgeCare.​

Virtual Care

BridgeCare coordinates video visits in the comfort of the patients home.

What we do:


Quick Follow-Up Contact

If patients don't hear from us while they're still in inpatient care, they can expect a call within the first day or two after discharge.


Review of Discharge

We go over the patient's inpatient stay and help them make an indivualized plan of recovery.


Signing Orders

BridgeCare partners closely with home cares to make sure patients are getting the services they need, as soon as they can.


Weekly Follow-Ups

We offer weekly video or phone follow-up appointments . We check in with a patients' progress and make sure their needs are being met.


Appointments Within 7 Days

All our new patient appointments typically happen within the first seven days of discharge, which helps 'bridge' patients and meet their most pressing needs. 


Medication Management

Our providers  adjust medications, refill prescriptions, and even oversee IV antibiotics and parenteral nutrition. 


Patient Education

For patients with chronic conditions, BridgeCare offers health literacy coaching. Our goal is to make sure patients understand how to best care and advocate for themselves. In doing so we can empower them to seek care at the appropriate places. 


Patient Transition

When it's time for patients to 'graduate' from our services, we ensure they have enough medications and resources to take the next step in their care. 

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