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Hospital care

BridgeCare can assist patients and hospitals in  the following way 

  • Allowing for early discharge by signing home care orders, new orders or prescriptions, bridging care via our physicians 

  • Virtual follow up care until their primary care appointment 

  • Assistance with establishing with a new primary care provider 

  • Assistance to case managers in meeting care needs following discharge 

We help take the burden off hospital case managers and patients at the time of discharge. 

We provide the additional benefit of reducing 30-day readmissions with our comprehensive care plans. This success translates to fewer  ER visits in addition to fewer inpatient readmissions.


Patients benefit from having a physician advocate in their corner who helps assist them in navigating the complicated health system following discharge.


BridgeCare providers provide an array of services including but not limited to:


  • Help to find PCPs and specialists

  • Setting up referrals (in and out of town)

  • Advocate for patients during specialist appointments

  • LGBT and transgender care

  • IV medication management

  • Wound care and drain management

  • Post trach management

  • Oxygen weaning for COPD or COVID

  • Signing and managing home care and weekly orders

  • Dietician and pharmacist consults as needed

  • Behavioral health and psych follow up provided (new psych meds started or followed)

  • Care coordination provided with all team members

  • Home visits for complicated and specific cases

  • Prescription refills until PCP appt

  • Provide health literacy training (up to an hour per visit)

We are here to work with the outpatient care team, home care, and patient support network to help patients continue to recover at home. 

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