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Camp Physician Services
Helping kids stay healthy in camp (and out of the hospital)

Request must be completed by Health Assistants at Camp Health Lodge.
Parental/ Guardian Consent for Treatment


Service and Provider:

Dr. Harshini Jayasuriya, MD, a board-certified family physician in Michigan, is available to review and offer non-emergent recommendations/treatment for campers attending Blue Lake Arts Camp.

Dr. Harshini Jayasuriya has previously worked at the camp's Health Lodge, providing medical care. In certain cases she prescribed medication to campers, eliminating the need for lengthy visits to local urgent care facilities. Typically these medications consisted of various rash creams, anti-nausea medications, or antibiotics for common infections. 

Dr. Harshini Jayasuriya's work during her time at Blue Lake Arts Camp ensured the well-being of campers in a cost-effective and convenient manner. However, as her daughter's 2023 session is now completed, she has returned home. Despite this, Dr. Harshini is committed to continuing to offer an alternative to urgent care and ER when appropriate. 


With parental/guardian approval, Dr. Harshini can virtually assess most camper's basic medical situations and recommend the next steps. These steps may include over-the-counter (OTC) medications, prescription medications, or further evaluation, which may include an in-person visit.


Before any prescription medication is sent, parents/guardians will be contacted with Dr. Harshini's recommendations. If prescription medication is recommended, you again have the opportunity to either approve or decline the treatment on your child's behalf. Upon your consent, the prescribed medication will be sent electronically to a local pharmacy, and the camp's Health Lodge will be informed for convenient pick-up.

Cost of Service:

Due to the complexities associated with out-of-state and international insurance, Dr. Jayaysuriya is not requesting payment for her services. Instead, Dr. Jayasuriya kindly requests a donation of your choosing, which will be utilized at BridgeCare Specialists to offer free medical services to the un/underinsured. Your generous contribution will make a significant difference in providing healthcare access to those in need. Thank you for your understanding and support!


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