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We work to bridge gaps in care.

A large part of a patient's recovery from a hospital or rehabilitation stay happens once a patient gets home. The first 30-days after getting home is the highest risk for needing to return to the hospital. The risk is as high as 30% in the elderly population.


With support from home care nurses, physical therapy, health aides, and other outpatient services, a patient can drastically reduce their risk of going back to the ER or hospital.  The ability to recover at home improves the quality of life,  longevity of life and is more cost-effective all around. However, to be eligible for these services a patient must either pay out of pocket or request insurance coverage. To be eligible for insurance coverage of these critical services, the patient must have a physician determine the need for services and agree to supervise care.


Many Michigan residents do not have a primary care doctor or need to make a distant clinic appointment before a doctor will agree to supervise. Often, this may be too late. The patient ends up back in the hospital or ER to have their needs met. 

BridgeCare offers temporary primary care to bridge a patient's medical needs until they can establish or re-establish with their primary care doctor. BridgeCare offers a number of services during the first 30 days that improve patient satisfaction and trust. Through their efforts, BridgeCares's readmission rate is below 2%. 

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Our Mission and Purpose

BridgeCare's mission is to improve patient outcomes and quality of life by helping patients in Michigan stay healthy and out of the hospital.

Our Approach

We believe that good support during critical recovery periods is crucial for patients.  We closely partner with outpatient offices, home cares, and other agencies to create a strong safety net for our patients.  Unlike most transition care programs that select pieces of transitional care, BridgeCare provides it all. Case management, physician care, and outreach support. 

Why We Do It

America's Medicare population has a readmission rate of 1 in 3 within thirty days of leaving the hospital. At BridgeCare, we believe that with innovation and technology, we can start to change these trends.

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